Tips to First Designing a Workplace

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Lots of things must be considered when designing a workplace. These include the type of furniture items, the workplace layout, desk arrangements, choice of lighting, etc.

Designing a workplace can actually be an exciting activity but also overwhelming in several ways. Therefore, here are tips to guide you when planning a workplace, so that once you’ve designed your workplace and moved in, your staff and customers would always feel welcome, productive, and can get straight to business.


Natural Light and Greenery

This should be an important part of every workplace to remain productive. Foremost, natural light would help your staff and guests to see things better. Actually, natural light is better for human eyes than fluorescent light. Fluorescent light causes eye strain and headaches (it can even cause migraines), while human eyes are created to naturally adapt to changes in natural light. Secondly, natural light improves workers’ productivity. Light controls the level of melatonin in the human body. This will, therefore, affect how focused or awake your workers feel. For instance, workers under natural light tend to feel more alert, while workers under artificial light tend to feel drowsy.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this workplace design is to utilise glass offices or use office space with large windows. Also, be sure to incorporate green space.


Get the right amount of space

The next tip is to ensure that your workplace has enough space to handle your business operations, whether a cubicle, workstation, open-space office, etc. Always ensure your chosen space can handle your business operations effectively so that your workers are able to move about freely.  This tip will help you to achieve good space management and utilisation for your company when designing your workplace.

Considering the right amount of space for your company is very important for the safety of your workers – especially in case of fire or any other emergency. There should be enough room for your workers to quickly and safely evacuate the building.

Clean power in an office

Storage and cleanliness

One of the last things that are considered in workplace design is storage. However, storage is a very important factor that should be planned for. Even if your business will adopt paperless technology like cloud storage, it is still important to consider physical storage facilities to optimise the space available in your workplace. In this case, choose the right type of furniture or storage equipment.

Another thing that should be considered while designing your workplace is cleanliness. Though this may seem less obvious than the workplace design elements above, cleanliness has a great impact on both the image of the workplace and the efficiency of the workers. You can easily achieve this by asking your workers to clean up their desks at the end of every day. You can even create a cleaning schedule program with your workers. This will help you to keep your workplace tidy and clean and yet cut down on cleaning expenses.


Get good quality ergonomic furniture

One more thing you need to consider is the type of furniture you install for your workers. It is advisable to get furniture items that are designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, and ease of use in your workplace. Try to avoid cheaper furniture items as much as possible. Aside from the fact that they are less durable, they can lead to a lack of enthusiasm among workers.



Consider implementing renewable energy in your office building. Think about the environment and find out what options of energy are available to you, such as solar power or other clean energy options. We have a responsibility to the earth and need to design accordingly.

If you follow the tips above carefully, it will guide you into .designing a perfect workplace.

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