Should You Replace Your Carpet?

When do you need to change your carpet?

Most high-quality carpets only last between 5 to 15 years, and even the most expensive carpets eventually need to be replaced. You might consider replacing your carpet after the padding wears out. The surface might still look good, but the carpet’s inner lining might be frail because of the pressure exerted when people walk through it. Here are important reasons why you should replace that carpet on the hallway and bedroom.

Replace When Carpet Loops are Frail

You should know that it’s time to switch out your carpet when its loops are on the loose. When the loops begin to snag, they might pull out in twos or as single strands. Unfortunately, Berbers (all-looped carpets) can’t be repaired properly when these loops snag. As you continue to walk along the portions with pulled loops, the pressure exerted on the surface will further weaken the carpet.

Offensive Odour from Molds

There is difficulty in choosing the condition with the least unpleasant effect between moulds and odours. It’s time to replace your carpets if you find moulds with offensive odours on them. For asthmatic patients, it’s a health risk to inhale contaminated air from moulds. Usually, when bacteria accumulate under carpets, they create damp and an ecosystem for microorganisms to fester. Naturally, conditions like pet urine, moisture, and stagnant water create mould under the carpet. Some carpet owner uses the mould test kit to check the level of effect before deciding on appropriate solutions. Other people might consider intensive cleaning from remediation experts. However, you may replace the carpet when strong odours become embarrassing after inserting smell sticks under the carpet.

Replace When Matting Is Evident

When you fill carpet floors with heavy furniture, it can matt down your carpet over time. This condition also happens with steady foot traffic, and you’ll notice a difference between the bedroom and the living room’s carpets. When the problems of matting are evident, it might indicate that your carpet has seen better days. Interestingly, even carpets that are made of high-quality materials might undergo the process of matting over time. Carpets that are made from polyester are prone to matting when there’s heavy traffic of feet movement. So, when carpets matt down, it’s wiser to replace it instead of trying to save cost. Also, ensure to purchase carpets with tougher materials when shopping for a new product. Even with deep cleaning, some carpets remain durable because they have a high level of resistance to matting.

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Replace Carpets When You Find Stubborn Stains

As a cost-effective measure, many people often hide carpet stain by placing furniture on these spots. Old and new carpets with noticeable stains are eyesores. Don’t allow stain linger for long before taking them out of carpets. These stubborn stains might penetrate down inner layers of carpets. However, stained carpet fibers and their padding can be restored quickly. Unfortunately, carpets on entryways and hallways are prone to stains because they are positioned on high traffic areas. Usually, when a stain occurs along these areas, it could take forever to notice them. When these stubborn stains won’t go, then it’s time to replace carpets.

Carpet Replacement after a Remodel

When you move into a new home or make upgrades, your old carpet might blend awkwardly to the interior decoration. Instead of feeling bad after disliking the combination of your carpet’s colour, simply change the pattern. Carpet floors that come in a variety of patterns and colours must complement your home’s interior design. The hardwood floor is unlike carpet floors; naturally, the former blends easily with any interior design. So, it might be the right time to switch carpets after remodelling your home.

Choose environmental friendly fabrics

Most of us want to be more environmentally friendly, but what does that mean today? Is it enough that we turn off the tap when we brush our teeth or that we use renewable energy sources? While some people might dedicate their whole life to sustainability, not all of us can have a wind farm in our backyard. What we can do, however, is to be mindful when we do our every-day shopping, and consider sustainable alternatives when possible.


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