Renovation Ideas for a Summer Style

During summer months, outdoor enthusiasts travel and take long holidays. Before taking a long trip in summer, homeowners can at least make the exterior facades of their homes appealing. The summer curb appeal might involve simple decorations like a light shade of paint or foliage wreath on the door. Here are useful renovation ideas for a summer style.

Build Your Dream Porch

The porch is an outdoor living space where homeowners and guests can spend breezy summer nights. On your porch, the level of comfort depends on what it contains. However, it’s expensive to remodel an extensive outdoor space. Usually, there’s are sunny days and cool evenings during the summer months. So, it’s wiser to enjoy the outdoor space at night when temperatures drop. Make your dream porch in summer; add soft pillows to chairs, and use lantern that doesn’t attract insects at night.

Install electric sockets to the wall of your porch, and connect the refrigerator. The consumption of water increases during summer months because dehydration is at its peak. Additionally, a wine cooler or ice maker will make an inviting outdoor entertaining space. If you have enough space on the porch, use the corner walls to install a suspended bar equipped with bottles of your favorite drinks.

Use Covered Porches

Summer month is a time to entertain friends, family, and renovate an inviting place to relax. Naturally, a well-lit porch at night will attract all types of flying insects. Usually, smart homeowners can renovate their porches to appear shady, and bug-free. The layout should have a screened porch design that allows owners to cover them after use. Homeowners that are lucky to have unused spaces under pre-existing decks can turn them into porches. So, you can make a comfortable outdoor living area of covered porches during summer.

Conducive Living Room

During the day, there’s a seamless transfer of summer heat into living rooms. However, summer hues can relax you when your living room has temperature control gadgets. You can make the space more comfortable by adding a fresh coat of white paint on the walls and replacing flowers to brighten the living room. You can add a luxurious feel by using fantastic summer renovation ideas. A remodeling project of your living room should increase comfort levels, and impress your guests.

Inspire Your Guests

Summer months can inspire homeowners to recreate guest bedrooms and bathrooms of your dreams. Your bathroom can appear like a spa by adding dual-feature shower head, and deep soaker tubs. Also, make the guest bedroom, and bathroom appealing by installing easy-to-use fixtures, and custom cabinets. The guest bedroom should have thick drapes or blackout blinds that prevent daylight from affecting sleep time during bright summer mornings. Artistic interior décor can be enhanced by creating various provisions such as beautiful summer paintings, DIY crafts in favour of the weather, glass paintings, etc along with an art storage system to change the décor according to the seasons as you fancy. Homeowners can inspire guests by using simple renovations that make them feel pampered. 

Add Outdoor Kitchen

Remodel your kitchen and create a lobby that leads to an outdoor kitchen space. Alternatively, homeowners can create outdoor kitchen designs during the summer. A built-in grill, pizza oven, cabinet for a cooking utensil,sink with faucets, airtight cabinets, stove top, furniture, and recycling area are basic additions. Don’t forget to add a TV screen and home entertainment gadgets in the outdoor kitchen. A luxurious appeal enhances the perfect outdoor space to gather during food preparation and dine peacefully. Apart from lighting, your outdoor space doesn’t need heating installations or a fireplace during summer months.

Create A Place for Refreshing Bath

Swimming pools are great additions to homes. You wouldn’t dare to underestimate the refreshing effects of water during summer months. However, you should cover the pool during the day to prevent evaporation of water from the summer heat. At night, homeowners and their guests can relax and unwind in the swimming pool.



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