Questions For an Interior Designer

So, it has come the time to look for an interior designer. Are you totally sure that you know how to contact one and make an appointment, but do you know what exactly to ask one before hiring or moving forward with their services?

What credentials do you have?

You need to be hiring someone who has public references and credentials that are legit and checked out. Not everyone is who they say or hold the proper skills suited to fix your issues or provide you with a specific service. You can hire designers that are still in training, but they can lack experience which turns people off.

What services do you offer?

You will find that interior designers have different packages and services that they may offer to you or the public, offers may vary from designer to designer, depending on the area they specialise in or their location. Double check they provide the services you are looking for. Here are a few services that are commonly noticed within the interior design or similar industries:

 Consultation

 Space planning

 Site measurements

 Project management

 Design concepts

 Purchasing/procurement


How do you build your projects?

Knowing how an interior designer structures their plan or design will help to show you how well they manage time and what you can expect if you sign on with them. Start with the consultation then wait for the interior designer to give you a concept and base rate before finalising everything. Make sure it is what you want and the same methods you would undertake if you were an interior designer.

What costs are involved?

This is important as we all live on a budget and want to get the best price we can get. Do they charge one substantial payment or by the hour/day? Both can work for you it will just depend how much work you have to do and the price that is charged. There may be fees for weekend and after hours work so be sure you are aware of these in case work runs into after hours.

Do you recommend any contractors?

If your designer has contacts, you could get some discounts. If there are no discounts to grab then having a designer that has a professional relationship with contractors is a good thing to have or look for when picking an interior designer. The work of a contractor is important to the interior designer’s reputation.

What projects like mine have you done?

This is where you will find out how experienced the designer is. If they have done similar jobs asked for some pictures to see how the results turned out. Check out their customers and ask about feedback from that interior designer. If you are after a feature wall design the interior designing firm or company should have many examples of different interior wall finishes to offer you the best option available.

What is your interior design?

Believe it or not knowing the style of the interior design is important. If they say they have one particular style they like to stick to then steer clear. You want a designer who is open-minded and can work with any style the customer wants.

Do you have any advice for how I can live better in my home?

Basically, the main aim of this question is to find out how much the designer knows about what home stuff is on the market. Are they keeping up with trends? Their answer will tell you if they are knowledgeable on the subject of smart living, eco-friendly living and bringing more innovation into your home.

It is important to know as much as you can about the interior designer before you sign and seal. You are paying money for their services, so you want to make sure everything is going to be done properly and they have all the credentials they say they have. You can’t be too careful.

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