How to Fix an Outdated Room

A lot of old home design features have character and are full of charm however, people are finding that most are now vintage and outdated. While it may have been the latest trend years ago, now it just seems like a historic event. You may have moved into a home that seems so outdated and lacks that wow factor. Most people when they buy a home will change a significant amount of stuff before they are happy. IF you are building a brand-new home, of course, it is going to have everything you want with all the added stylish upgrades and various inclusions.

If you have a home that you want to look in-trend and help to retain the value of it in case you ever need to sell, you need to look at this post for help!

Carpet everywhere

There was a time when everyone loved having carpet. There was carpet everywhere, the carpet was even found underneath the kitchen table something we cringe about now. While carpet is comfortable and absorbs sound consider moving to something like wood flooring or quartz carpet which is more hygienic, easy to spot clean and is a lot trendier than carpet.

Honey stained cabinets

Honey stained cabinets were found in the 1980’s and although they looked great the honey wood cabinets have fallen out of trend now with a rise in grey and white cabinetry styles. If you still have honey stained cupboards, then don’t worry you can always just give them a fresh coat of paint in a white or grey shade.

Popcorn ceilings

Ceilings everywhere had the textured look called popcorn ceiling. It was popular in the mid-20th century but was a pain when it came to cleaning the ceiling or getting rid of cobwebs. There are still many homes that have these types of ceilings and the reason for that is the fact most contain asbestos and are very expensive to hire a professional with the right equipment to deal with the asbestos and put a new ceiling in.

Laminate Counter-tops and Benches

Laminate counter-tops were popular in the 1970’s with their crazy, bright colour themes and low pricing. Laminate counter-tops are still around and remain quite popular for their pricing and easy wipe clean surface it is very outdated and not as versatile as other bench-tops. Putting in something like granite, marble or quartz is tough, scratch and heat resistant something you don’t see in a laminate which means you will be replacing the bench-top sooner than you expect.

Inbuilt cabinets

Our TVs were once built deep into nooks but that was when we were dealing with those massive, wide heavy TVs. Now we have nice flush thin models that can almost be flush right against a wall. There is no more need for the inbuilt cabinets as they are outdated and are something that trendy current homes don’t have.

Floral wallpaper

If your home has floral wallpaper or anything else with a similar design, we recommend getting rid of it! While it can add a vintage flair to a room it is better used as a feature wall, not throughout the whole room. If the design is wrong for the home then it will look like someone from the 1970’s decorated your room and you won’t be wanting that. Make sure you take into consideration colours or themes that may not soon lose style or fall out of trend, a neutral colour always works.

Now that you know what can be considered out of date, it is up to you to update your home and make a real project out of it. Making these changes and implementing new trends can not only help you sell your home, but help you feel comfortable with the style and decisions you’ve made.

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