5 Tips to Making Your Bathroom Standout

Before taking their baths or having a shower, some people spend quality time in the bathroom every day; planning and using the moment as a quiet time to think deeply. Apart from ridding your bathroom of lurking germs and different types of bacteria, there are less expensive DIY efforts that can transform your bathroom. Making your bathroom stand out can be a valuable experience because that space is one of the most important ones in your home. The following post will show you five tips on choosing bathroom decorations if you decide to make it stand out even more than it already does.

Tile-up to The Ceiling

While remodeling your bathroom, ask the building contractor to tile every part of the wall to the ceiling. It is necessary because water and lather from soap can promote the growth of algae if there are walls between the tiles and ceiling. However, you can create a memorable space by using the same floor and wall tiles if your bathroom is oddly shaped. It is a bathroom decor rule of thumb to allow floor and wall tiles run to reach the shower to create an expansive look. Alternatively, you can make your shower appear as a separate space if you do not want to create uniformity. Simply use contrasting colors for your bathroom’s wall and ground tiles. It also may be of recommendation to elect to install polished concrete tiles when tiling your bathroom. Most people will generally match their sink design with tiles, so if you are using a concrete finish for your floors you may want to use concrete coatings for any sinks in your bathroom.

Shower Curtains

Typically, most bathroom shower curtains are rectangular in shape. The use of shower curtains makes small luxury bathrooms appear bigger and more spacious, thus leading to a more comfortable environment. Also, you can save bathroom space by installing adjustable shower curtains. With a small shower-tub of just about 55 inches in length, you will need a custom-made curtain. Alternatively, for homeowners of modern bathrooms that like privacy, you can use tinted or frosted glass panels. Instead of shower curtains that might shift back or forth, the entire square footage of your bath can have a glass panel.

Allow Natural and Bright Light

Do not cover bathrooms windows with blacked-out covers to create privacy at the expense of natural lights. Natural light can do a lot of magic to your bathroom’s ambiance if you are not claustrophobic. Instead of installing window blinds on bathroom windows, use translucent window shade or stained glass windows. Naturally, early morning light at sunrise brings loads of skin-boosting vitamins, while sunshine dries the bathroom and takes out the offensive odor. Combine bright ceiling lights from energy saving bulbs with natural light. In the absence of natural light, switch on your source of good lighting to apply makeup, or shave hidden stands of undergrowth beards.

Expand Bathroom Mirrors

Every inch of a bathroom’s wall that is covered with mirrors can help to make the space appealing. Place mirrors at strategic areas of your bathroom because they help to reflect light. Your bathroom can stand out and look spectacular with big mirrors. Fitting mirrors in the tightest spaces is another advantage with using them as bathroom decors. Usually, people prefer to etch mirrors on trimmed-out polish wooden frames if they can not stretch them across bathroom walls. Placing a cluster of ceiling lights over these mirrors is another way to make bathroom mirrors appear grander.

Remodel Your Bathroom’s Cabinet

Cabinets in the bathroom can be used to hold different items. Your master bathroom can have a medicine cabinet and shampoo shelves built into bathroom walls. Instead of installing protruding cabinets, save some space by burying them into bathroom walls. You might have to remodel the walls around cabinet locations to achieve this design. It is not hygienic to have one towel in the bathroom, but separate towels for hand and body are essential. Also, you can mount a basket for toilet paper or a hand towel bar on the door of the cabinet.

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